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Founded in 2014 and based in Brussels, Law & Go is a forum of debate on legal questions related to international mobility and social integration of immigrants. Being a not-for-profit organization, we ensure narrow contacts and the representation of immigrants due to an outstanding network of partners settled all over the world. We seek to create a helpful platform to solve practical and legal problems that immigrants face during their international resettlement in order to protect and defend their interests.

Law & Go contributes to research by conducting scientific analysis on international mobility and on the different legal systems providing distinct regulations concerning the establishment of immigrants and the creation of their companies abroad. We are dedicated to fostering European policy analysis and debate.

Our Mission

Law & Go strives to dedicate its efforts to protect human rights violations incurring during the international mobility of immigrants.

As proved by statistics, racism, problems of integration, limited housing facilities and inadequate professional support are just some of the difficulties faced by migrants during their international mobility.[1]

As a not-for-profit association, we try to strengthen the culture of respect of fundamental rights and freedoms during international mobility by creating a network between immigrants on one side, and the financial services industry of certain sectors (i.e. airports, transports) together with the public authorities on the other side. By doing this, we seek to inform the general public about the current issues when it comes to immigration and about their rights in order to defend their interests and facilitate their resettlement.

Law & Go is committed to creating awareness and access to best opportunities for everyone striving to settle in another country. We encourage different professionals as well as citizens to  meet and discuss common concerns about residency in foreign countries and the application of human rights in order to expand the possibilities for joint actions.


[1] European Research Council, ‘Migration and Asylum : The Contribution of Frontier Research to the Understanding of Human Mobility Across frontiers’ (2017) p 42. Accessible on https://erc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/document/file/Migration_and_asylum_the_contribution_of_frontier_research.pdf

Our activity

Law & Go organises annual events gathering business leaders as well as EU and non-EU public decision makers for discussions on the major on-going regulatory projects in the business immigration field and the role of business immigration law in fostering growth and informal networking.

Additional workshops involving the members of the association are set up to exchange views on regulatory issues.

Assessments and proposals taking into account economic, risk and end-user impacts are prepared with the support of cross-sectoral working groups comprising members of Law & Go. Topics addressed include prospective and on-going regulatory proposals at the EU and global levels, economic trends as well as the impacts for the financial sector of the business immigration law.

Accordingly, some of our main activities are:

  • organisation of events: conferences, trainings, seminars, multicultural programs, educational programs and exchange programs to promote the exchange of ideas;
  • promotion of cooperation between different consulting companies specialized in the international mobility;
  • publication and outreach of scientific documents concerning the international mobility and the legal system in force in different countries, more specifically on the settlement and the immigration;
  • logistical support for members who want to apply tenders from public institutions, either national or European, in the field of international mobility, international law, compared international law and in particular in the area of human rights;
  • promotion of new ideas and exchanging best practices on how to address the social, economic and foreign policy challenges facing Europe today.


Among the members of Law & Go there are leading global companies, European corporations and businessmen from different sectors of the industry (i.e. banking, insurance, market infrastructures, asset management, credit rating agencies, service providers).

Members contribute to the content produced by Law & Go (i.e. background papers, workshops, working papers, conference reports of the events) and to ad hoc meetings on regulatory topics when appropriate. Members are invited to attend the events and to take part in the activities.

The annual membership fee contributes to the costs of preparation and organization of the events of the association, to the research conducted by Law & Go, to the costs of preparation and producing of the written material and to the administration of the association.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us at: info@law-and-go.com

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